lundi 13 avril 2015

#Styling the Seasons at {Mine} : April

While the sun was shining, one of us has been working hard.

The smallest room of the house is officially finished ! If you counted the amount of time / square meter, the ratio would probably be inappropriate for such a tiny study room !  
This was the fourth room of the house when we bought it, an extra space...but as we couldn't fit any double bed for guests, we were delighted to have an office (but no more friends to visit).

Living with a "DIY guy" is a chance but it can also have drawbacks. They become obsessed and cannot cope with the rest of the world - in terms of focus it's great but in terms of everyday life, you are quite lonely
At week ends, you wander in the house with the kids secretely wishing for the help of a professionnal painter / carpenter / cook / cleaner / entertainer... Of course, it is very rewarding when it's over. (Although I am not sure DIY is cheaper but the result is unique !).
This is a special desk to me : it has belonged to my grand father, who was a surveyor. He worked from home with my grand'ma and they both had one desk facing another. 

Its name in french is MP's desk - bureau de ministre - very massive but sturdy. This special gift quickly became a challenge : we had to have it delivered from France, and fit it in the rather small room.
As for the rest of the organisation, I got myself various treats made of copper from Oliver Bonas and also this Peg  Board from Pedlars.
The floors were carpeted and Mister DIY had to get new boards (some were damaged) and then painted it. I have always loved painted floors - very british style to me ! 
As the room was so small, we decided to go for a dark colour on one of the walls, Stiffkey (blue from F&Ball). 
The triangular window is so unusual - I chose some cactus for this looked like a glasshouse and even hung a glass terrarium to hang - the easy bit really - because the bespoke shelves have been a nightmare to build, those houses are not made with proper angles !
In the end, (a few week-ends after) the room is such a nice place to sit in, at the computer or even for art and crafts, and piano (at the opposite wall of the window, who would have known we could fit these all in ! Even the children have their space here.
A new place for homework (two boards are hidden under the main table, one for each child !) let's hope it is inspirational.

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12 commentaires:

  1. Gé-nial! I love it. Well done to your personal handyman. That will be a great place to think and create.

    1. Merci, on a bien pensé à mettre une belle encre marine, mais on ne l'a pas encore trouvée !

  2. C'est superbe, la déco, les couleurs, le sol peint. Il a vraiment bien bossé, bravo. J'ai hâte de voir en vrai! Je viens quand? Bises

  3. superbe mise en valeur du vieux bureau, et beaucoup d'idées pour tout ce qui est autour, c'est ravissant ! bravo
    Anne D.

    1. J'aime l'histoire de ce bureau, mes grands parents qui travaillaient face à face !

  4. Super déco et sacré boulot du pro maison! Profitez bien du soleil! Gros bisous

  5. This is lovely - such an inspiring place to work in. xx

  6. Tu te plains d'avoir un DIY guy!! J'en reve!!! Je dois appeler un handyman a chaque fois qu'il faut faire un petit trou dans le mur!
    J'adore ton peg board, parfait pour ta collection de masking tapes! Et le bureau est superbe.
    J'adore cette piece, meme si tu dis qu'elle a l'air petite, elle m'a l'air parfaite et super cosy.

    1. ce bureau est un peu la salle de tortures pour faire les devoirs de français !

  7. Oh mais j'avais loupé cet article ! Bravo, beau résultat !

    1. J'y suis actuellement en train de te répondre !