jeudi 13 décembre 2018


 Christmas is a busy time of year for deliveries. When we arrived in London from France about eight years ago now, we were surprised to see parcels left on doormats, unattended.

We never experienced any stolen parcels up to today. That day happened with our organic basket. We informed our grocery provider about the fact that some of the content of the weekly box had been taken, meat and bananas (only unwanted greens had been left for us).
 As they had no answer to the issue, we decided to change our routine and try a new box of recipes delivered to your door. Hassle-free way to get your menus and food preparation done for you and your family.

Week#1 :

On the day of the delivery, we were looking forward to trying a new service and came home expectantly.
Our disppointment was huge, when we discovered the picture from the delivery van after his parcel was dropped...on the doormat.
We had of course mentionned on our account : NO DELIVERIES should be left unattended.
Bad luck. Ebow, from the custumers' services arranged our money back, after many apologies. We still had our mouth watering when choosing our menus for week#2 and decided to say full of hopes despite our empty fridge.
Week#2 :
Same day of the week. A text message received from the company, with another picture as a proof of delivery, driver's name is Abdi. Let's see how he manages the instructions.
Same story.
How helpless you are when you see your parcel, unattended, and you cannot leave whatever you do during your day at work.
The parcel IS standing, proudly, on the front door, boasting with its red colour, almost saying "take me (I'm free)".

This time, I decide to give a ring to the company. Matt, my custumer service representative askd whether I knew anybody locally to come and pick up my box - which I don't - and came out with no idea but suggesting to call back when back home.
The box has survived a second thief but the food tasted bitter sweet.
Week#3 :
Over the week end, we decide to build our own shelter. The woodwork is something Mister DIY enjoys a lot. He likes a challenge.
He builds a wooden box for deliveries out of a reclaimed pallet. He designs his own stencil to make sure the box is clearly labeled for our next deliveries. The project led to a beautiful parcel box and everyone felt confident about the next day.
Apprehensive about the outcomes, we leave the house in the morning. No food alternative in the fridge, but optimistic about how the instructions are now clear for everyone.
At work, the supsense is barely manageable, until comes the van, this time the driver's name is Saeed, who also sends his own picture.
Our box is, this time, snuggling againt the beautiful decorative homemade box.

*Here is a list of my "self talk" at that very moment*
- the box is too beautiful to look useful
- the message is not clear enough (why not use different languages or font, even lights ?)
- the driver is not using his brain
- let's forward the picture and send it to the DIY project manager
- how am I going to speak to the customer service composedly ?

I presume Matt is avoiding the SouthWest London crazy French lady and handles it to Shelley -definitely very sorry indeed to hear about the issue.
I have to leave the premises to feel free to speak a bit louder than usual. She comes with another suggestion. She will reach the driver asap to ask him to come back - and put the box into our parcel box ! Meanwhile, everyone around has a good laugh when seing the picture.
On my way home, that evening, here is what I found on the front door, laying on the ground AND over the box, not one parcel, but 3.
On that cold winter day, 3 drivers came one after the other, and let their delivery flocking together OVER the handmade craft meant to be collecting PARCELS.
Week#4 plans :
No thieves around for two weeks, we're in luck. Maybe the first box contents didn't suit his tastes.
We are still waiting for the manager to call us back (we've let them know about the situation via email). By a strange twist of fate, every week, we get text messages from the company saying "thank you for getting in touch today. Got 5 seconds ? We'd love to hear your feedback". 
I have made a wise decision. I stay there until they arrive, and I will explain whoever comes with a parcel to deliver, how to open the door and close the locker.

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